Mock Date For Men


Mock Date (virtual)

Do you want to start dating successfully with women? 

Authentic experience on how to become more confident on dates. 

No more worrying about your next date, real-life experience 

Going out with a beautiful woman and being able to accomplish higher results on a date 

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Have someone tell you what you are doing awesome and what you can prove, confidence, conversation, escalation, logistics 

Mock date 

  • 30-minute actual date – you will have the opportunity to engage with the coach like a real date
  • 30 min Evaluation – this brings authentic experience with real feedback. I will give you straightforward advice that will allow you to have more success with women. 

You will get real answers for your behavior that no one before told you. This is a crucial point because there are certain things people won’t share with you for various reasons.  You will accomplish higher results with the women that you are attracted to. 

Role-playing emphasizes knowledge on a deeper level that they can relate to. Role playing is a key component of learning and you naturally develop a sense of understanding.

You’re going to learn:

  • Get practical feedback to help you grow and enhance your skills.
  • Learn how women perceive you and what your style reveals.
  • Improve your communication for better connections.
  • Understand why women may see you as a friend and how to change that.

$200.00Add to cart